Driven Extreme Duty Glass Sealant

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  • Product Code: DRIVEN-26669
  • Advanced Resin Technology
  • Fresh Water and Salt Water Hydrophobic
  • Contaminants Wipe Off Easier Once Applied

DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Sealant is a dramatically different way of sealing and protecting glass surfaces. MOLAD is molecular adhesion using Advanced Resin Technology boasting molecules small enough to bond on a molecular level producing a barrier of protection between the glass and the contaminant.  This type of protection creates exceptional hydrophobic action and allows fresh water and salt water to repel. Meaning less contaminant on the glass and contaminants that remain are easily removed. With regular use, your glass will look new and stay new.

Used on Boats, Cars and Motor Homes this sealant increases visibility in wet weather while driving. It also helps in the removal of dried on salt water and fresh water spots, ice, hard frost, road salt, bugs, and all types of industrial contaminants that negatively affect glass. Excellent for household use for sealing and protecting Glass Shower Doors, House Windows and Sliding Glass Doors. DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Sealant will save you time and money by making it easier for you to maintain all your glass surfaces. NOTE: This product is not a cleaner, if necessary, we highly recommend cleaning your glass first with DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner before sealing and protecting your glass with this Sealant.