Driven Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner® (16 oz)

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DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner is an aggressive cleaner designed to remove the very toughest, etched in, hard water buildup and stains from any glass surface. By combining acid and Extreme Cutting Abrasives into a gel, along with a full spectrum of industrial strength cleaners, DRIVEN has the power to clean the most severely weathered glass surface, including hard water spots, calcium and mineral buildup, heavy lime scale, salt spray, rust, alkali, and paint overspray.

EXCELLENT FOR HOUSEHOLD USE / Pleasant Aroma and User Friendly

Safely Removes:

Severe Hard Water Spots

Calcium and Mineral Buildup

Heavy Lime Scale

Salt Spray Deposit

Rust Deposit


Paint Overspray

Glass Shower Doors

House Windows

Sliding Glass Doors

Glass Top Stoves

Fireplace Glass

Ceramic Tile

Porcelain Sinks/Tubs/Toilets


Trucks & SUV’s


Motor Homes

Fifth Wheel



Directions for use:

Wear rubber gloves while using this product. Do not get on skin or in eyes. Always test a very small inconspicuous area first to confirm you are achieving desired result.

In general, shower doors require the most aggressive applicator (Non-Abrasive Nylon Pad usually blue in color or white in color; or 0000 Steel Wool).

While vehicle and boat windows require the least aggressive applicator (Damp Microfiber Cloth or Foam Sponge)

Adjust the amount of pressure applied and type of applicator based on the severity of the stains being removed and type of surface being cleaned. For delicate surfaces and light stains be less aggressive. For heavy stains be more aggressive. This will assure the surface is cleaned with no damage. Applicator can be a cloth, sponge, brush, or non-abrasive nylon pad (Non-Abrasive Nylon Pad is a more aggressive applicator and works best). Ultra fine 0000 Steel Wool or Ultra Fine 0000 Bronze Wool can be used as an applicator for most aggressive application. DO NOT use Steel Wool for Marine use.

Shake bottle well. Wet the surface with water from a wet sponge or spray bottle to keep the surface lubricated. Dampen applicator with water and place the cleaner on the applicator. Rub briskly and firmly, inches at a time, to remove stains. Rinse with water and towel dry. Repeat application if necessary until surface is clean.

DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner can also be applied with an electric buffer using hard foam compounding pad, lamb’s wool cutting pad, or non-abrasive nylon machine pad for severe stains on large surface areas. Dampen the pad with a light mist of water from a spray bottle and keep the surface lubricated with a light mist of water.

For best results after cleaning, use DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Sealant to repel water and make future cleaning easier.

Supplier shall not be held liable for the use or misuse of this product beyond the return of purchase price.