Household Tutorial

Cleaning Glass Shower Doors and House Windows

DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner is rated number one nationwide for removing heavy water stain from glass. And for good reason; it does what we claim.  Remove the nastiest calcium, minerals, lime scale, salt spray and rust deposit that build up over the course of time.  We’re not talking days here, we are talking decades of neglect on shower doors including metal door frames, house windows, sliding glass doors, ceramic tiles including swimming  pool tiles, tubs, toilets, sinks, and severely stained metal fixtures.  If you want to get it clean and get it clean right now; then stop messing around and use DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner.

We ask that you take a common sense approach when using DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner.  For instance on house windows that have moderate build up, start with the least aggressive application.  What we mean by that is the applicator itself does some of the work.  A sponge or a cloth applicator is the least aggressive and is a good place to start for moderate build up.  You want to dampen the cloth or sponge with enough water to lubricate the glass without diluting DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner.  Rub the cleaner into the glass with light to moderate pressure.  You may have to go over the area several times with a cloth or sponge applicator; allowing the cleaner to stay on for a while, letting the acid do some of the work, and then continuing until the spots are gone.  Wipe off the residue with a damp towel followed by a dry towel.  Or you can rinse the glass surface before drying. 

For heavier build up on glass, it’s necessary to step up to a more aggressive applicator with more pressure applied.  Shower doors almost always have the most severe build up and deposit so it is necessary to use a light duty nylon pad.  We recommend the BLUE light duty nylon pad or the WHITE light duty nylon pad (available in any grocery store or hardware store).  We DO NOT RECOMMEND the green nylon pad; it is much to abrasive.  Light duty nylon pads are a good way to go on most shower doors.  The most aggressive applicator is 0000 Ultrafine Steel Wool; this grade of steel wool is very aggressive along with the cleaner but won’t damage the glass.  We suggest using 0000 Ultrafine Steel Wool when shower doors have the most severe buildup; but in most cases a light duty nylon pad works quite well. With any of these applicators, from the least aggressive cloth or foam sponge, to the most aggressive 0000 Ultrafine Steel Wool, dampen the applicator with enough water to lubricate the glass without diluting DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. 

Does it require some rubbing, some elbow grease as many of our customer’s comment, yes it does, but only with the most severe build up.  But does it come clean? You bet it does.  Rub out small sections at a time until the buildup is removed.  On shower doors you can also clean heavy build up on the metal door frames.  Rinse and dry the door; or take a wet towel followed by a dry towel to remove the residue.  A shower door should be cleaned EVERY 4 MONTHS with DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner and sealed EVERY 4 MONTHS with DRIVEN Marine Polish (described below).  Clean and seal your house windows about ONCE A YEAR.

Do you have a power drill in your garage?  If the answer is yes, consider using our DRIVEN Drill Kit for getting the household glass clean.  Our DRIVEN Drill Kit works quite well for glass that has been badly etched.  Use the heavily aggressive Orange Foam Pad included in the kit for more moderate stains; keep the pad lubricated with just enough water to lubricate the glass but not dilute the cleaner. Keep the drill moving, triggering the drill to control the speed, and only apply light pressure until the water deposit is gone, then stop. 

For the heaviest buildup and deposit we recommend using the extra heavy Wool Pad; this pad is mostly for shower doors and ceramic tiles that have been neglected for years and have some major buildup.  Using the same technique; keep the pad lubricated with just enough water to lubricate the glass but not dilute the cleaner. Keep the drill moving, triggering the drill to control the speed, and only apply just enough pressure to remove the water deposit, and then stop.

An electric buffer can be used with the same technique we have suggested for using our DRIVEN Drill Kit (described above).  Use the aggressive Yellow Foam Pad for moderate stains and use the extra aggressive Wool Pad for severe build up on shower doors.

Once the glass is clean, apply DRIVEN Marine Polish to seal the glass against future damage.  Designed and formulated for the marine industry, DRIVEN Marine Polish does an incredible job protecting glass once it has been cleaned.  DRIVEN Marine Polish can be used on all surfaces that were previously cleaned with DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. 

Apply DRIVEN Marine Polish with a soft foam pad.  Allow the polish to dry to a haze, and then remove the polish by buffing with a microfiber towel.  DRIVEN Marine Polish is a polymer that creates an invisible shield.  It forces water to repel off the glass, so there is very little build up when you go back months later to clean the glass.  Shower doors should be cleaned and sealed EVERY 4 MONTHS; house windows about ONCE A YEAR.

NOTE: DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner is very aggressive; by hand application or machine application, ALWAYS TEST A VERY SMALL INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST TO CONFIRM YOU ARE ACHIEVING THE DESIRED RESULT.  When used correctly, there is no better product for cleaning water spots on glass.

CAUTION: When using any power tool always wear eye protection and keep the floor where you are standing completely dry. Be safe.

Cleaning Leather or Fabric Sofas and Chairs

DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate is an exceptional product for cleaning all types of leather and fabric furniture.  The concentrate is very strong so you will want to follow the dilution ratios on the back of the bottle.  In general, the dirtier the material, the more concentrate is used.  DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate can be used in a spray bottle, a bucket, a carpet machine or extraction machine.  A soft sponge applicator or soft upholstery brush works well with this product. It is particularly effective on furniture that is light colored and shows all types of dirt and stains from daily use.  You will be very pleased with the result.

Once the leather furniture is cleaned with DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner, it’s time to condition and protect the furniture with DRIVEN Vinyl/Rubber/Leather Protector.  Apply the protector with a damp soft foam pad. After about 30 minutes, use a soft microfiber towel to go over the leather and buff the protector into the seats.  Once cleaned and protected with DRIVEN your furniture will look like new again.