Accesories Tutorial

DRIVEN Detailing Products work well by hand application or machine application.

We have tested many buffing machines and talked with many of our customers about machine application. Generally, a high speed rotary is best when oxidation and weathering is more severe on fiberglass boats and motor homes; or when paint correction on vehicles requires the most aggressive application. The rotary spins in a true circle and does the most work. More work than a DA buffer. It is also the most common type of buffer often referred to by many as a grinder style machine with variable speed. This buffer is most commonly used for vehicles and boats that are older and weathered from the elements.

In contrast, the dual action buffer is the safer alternative to a high speed rotary. Not to say it doesn’t get the job done very effectively; but the DA buffer is more like cutting and polishing by hand because of its unique action. The buffer rotates and orbits at the same time; like the earth rotating on its axis while revolving around the sun. What this means is that a novice is less likely to damage the surface while compounding or polishing. This buffer is most commonly used for vehicles and boats when the finish is in good condition.

In general; start off at a slower rate of speed with both the rotary or the dual action buffer and keep the machine moving; Crossing up and down then back and forth; a bit slower movement with the dual action buffer and a bit quicker movement with the rotary buffer. Once again, when using a rotary buffer; keep the machine moving so no damage occurs.

For the money, these are the two machines we found to work exceptionally well. We sell these two machines together with our DRIVEN products as a package.

The Dewalt DWP849X is a high speed rotary buffer.

The Porter Cable 7424XP is a dual action buffer.

We have 4 different buffing pads available to accomplish the task.  The wool pad is an extra heavy aggressive pad for compounding weathered fiberglass, raw metal or severely damaged paint.  The heavy aggressive yellow foam pad is used for compounding paint or fiberglass.  Our medium aggressive white foam pad can be used for compounding or applying polish to paint and fiberglass.  And the non aggressive red foam pad is used for applying polish to paint and fiberglass.  The foam pads are clear coat safe.

You will need a backing plate to go along with the buffing pad.  We have 2 available.  One fits the rotary buffer and the other fits the dual action buffer.

Product removal works well with our line of microfiber towels.  All of our towels are high quality, super soft and absorbent.

Product application also works well by hand.  We have 2 hand pad applicators available.  The blue microfiber hand pad works well with our Finish Restorer to rub out surfaces by hand.  The red foam pad works well for applying our Automotive Polish or Marine Polish.

The Drill Kit has become very popular for buffing out water spots on glass surfaces and works well with our Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. The Drill Kit is also very handy for buffing out faded headlights with our Finish Restorer, as well as compounding tight areas where a full size buffing pad won’t fit.