Machine Pads - Any combination of 4 pads for 59.95

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  • Highest quality foam construction and grip material backing (hook and loop)
  • 7.5 inch diameter pad is the perfect size to get the job done
  • Compatible with all machines that accept 5.875 inch or 6 inch backing plate
  • Unique center ring design protects backing plate from cutting through pad and centers perfectly and quickly for wobble free buffing
  • Foam egg crate design allows for cooler buffing and less heat
  • Measured foam cell construction going from non-aggressive to heavily aggressive. Our twisted wool pad is extra heavy.
  • Flexible, hand washable and reusable
  • Made in America

Red Foam: 
Very soft non-aggressive foam used as an applicator for our Marine Polish or Automotive Polish or any final step wax or polish.

White Foam:
Our most versatile pad; this medium aggressive pad is a bit firmer and denser than our red foam. This pad can be used with our Finish Restorer for compounding or can be used with our Marine Polish or Automotive Polish when you want a little more aggressive pad than our red foam.

Yellow Foam:
A heavily aggressive foam pad that is very firm and dense and is used with our Finish Restorer or any compound when you want to buff out weathered automotive clear coat finishes or fiberglass gel coat.

Our 100% twisted wool pad is an extra heavy aggressive compounding/cutting pad, mainly used for buffing out weathered fiberglass gel coat with our Finish Restorer. We recommend this pad to get the job done most effectively on oxidation and light surface scratches on fiberglass; also used to buff out raw metal surfaces.