DRIVEN Premium Polymer Wash safely cleans all automotive and marine finishes without stripping polish or wax. Activated by water, this unique combination of cleaning agents foams away surface contaminants while brightening and nourishing the finish with a full spectrum of protective polymers.


pH balanced

Safe for clear coat and fiberglass gel coat

Super concentrate provides more washes per bottle

Sheeting action is highly effective in the reduction of hard water spots

Can be used in hard or soft water

Rich foamy lather

Will not streak

Brightens and extends polish protection and shine

Wide range of applications:


Personal Watercraft

Outboard Motors




Motor Homes

Fifth Wheel


All Terrain Vehicles



Directions for use:

In a bucket, add about one capful of wash per gallon of water. Mix together to make a rich foamy lather. Rinse off any loose surface contaminants before washing. Apply liberally with a soft microfiber towel, foam sponge, wash mitt or deck brush while washing from the top down. Rinse thoroughly with a steady stream of water, and dry with a soft microfiber towel or chamois to avoid water spots on flat surfaces.

For best results, keep your finish polished and sealed with DRIVEN Automotive Polish and Sealant or DRIVEN Marine Polish and Sealant.