Driven Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer

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DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer is an exceptional quick detailer that can be applied in direct sunlight for removing fresh water spots and surface contaminants from all hard surfaces including fiberglass, paint, windows, and metal. This highly concentrated, biodegradable solution, not only cleans water spots, it brightens and enhances the finish while strengthening Driven’s non-stick protection with every application. It’s also remarkably economical. Just add water and make 1 gallon of fluid for every pint of concentrate. Once activated by water, this unique formulation works by combining biodegradable cleaners, the power of citrus, and a full spectrum of essential polymers and oils. Driven’s high lubricity formula actually encapsulates water spots, dust particles, fingerprints and other fresh surface contaminants, allowing them to be wiped away without streaking. Unlike other “Water Spot Removers”, DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer will not strip polish or wax. And it won’t stain rubber or vinyl. Quite the contrary, this formula deepens and enriches all hard surfaces, adding brilliance and protection to your finish.

Cleans All Exterior Surfaces

Paint/Clear Coat Safe

Fiberglass Gel Coat Safe

Hard Rubber/Vinyl Safe

Plastic/Glass Windows

All Metal Safe

Removes Hard Water Spots

Cleans Fresh Contaminants

Brightens & Enhances

Will Not Streak

Non-Stick Protection


Makes 4 quarts of spray (1 gallon)

Highly Concentrated

Easy To Use

Will Not Strip Polish/Wax

Sun/Shade Application

Pleasant Aroma


Personal Watercraft

Outboard Motors

Trucks & SUV’s



Motor Homes

Fifth Wheel


All Terrain Vehicles








Polished/Anodized Aluminum

Stainless Steel


All Plastic Windows

Hard Rubber

All Plastics

Vinyl Decals

Powder Coat

Linear Polyurethane


Exterior Plastic Trim

Directions for use:

Never Spray and wipe an extremely dirty surface. Shake bottle slowly. In a high quantity, 1 quart (32 ounce) spray bottle, add 4 ounces of Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer (7 to 1 RATIO). Slowly fill the remainder of the 1 quart spray bottle with fresh water (distilled water works best) or clean tap water. ONE GALLON of spray can also be pre-mixed, by adding the entire contents (16 fluid ounces) of concentrate into an empty ONE GALLON CONTAINER. Slowly fill the remainder of the gallon container with water and use as needed. Alternately, for stronger, more aggressive water spot removal, up to 50% white vinegar can be used in place of water. Spray down the area to be cleaned. Wipe down and dry the sprayed area immediately with a soft dry cloth to remove water spots and fresh surface contaminants. For stubborn contaminants, spray generously and work the area with a soft clean damp sponge before wiping clean.

DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer can be used daily to maintain a deep wet look on all hard surfaces. 

DRIVEN Quick Spray Concentrate / Cleaner / Detailer was designed to use on relatively fresh surface contaminants. For extremely dirty surfaces, use DRIVEN Wash Concentrate. For much heavier buildup and oxidation, use DRIVEN Marine Extreme Duty Paste Compound, DRIVEN Finish Restorer, or DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Cleaner. Always keep your finish sealed and protected with DRIVEN Automotive Polish and Sealant, DRIVEN, Marine Polish and Sealant, or DRIVEN Extreme Duty Glass Sealant.