Driven MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate

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DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate is a very powerful industrial strength cleaner that also happens to be 100% biodegradable, completely non caustic and has zero volatile organic compounds (solvents). It’s an earth friendly formula but also a very potent formula. It has a wide range of dilution ratios from light duty to extreme duty to complete any job. For heavy use, it deep cleans a multitude of surfaces including vinyl and leather, rubber and plastic, fabric and carpet…completely removing heavy dirt, oil and grime, mold and mildew, deep yellowing and discoloration, grease and exhaust fumes, fresh and saltwater buildup, pet and food stains, industrial fallout, and much more. It’s also perfect for everyday maintenance when diluted for light duty…conditioning as it cleans so it won’t dry out any type of material…and it won’t harm any metal, fiberglass or painted surface. It also helps to neutralize odor. Use it in a spray bottle…in a bucket…or in a machine…once you see what it does…DRIVEN MultiSurface Cleaner Concentrate is sure to become your cleaner of choice.


Directions for use:

Wear rubber gloves when using this product. Always test a very small inconspicuous area first to confirm you are achieving desired result.

Shake the bottle slowly before using. The solution can be strengthened or weakened to your satisfaction for your particular application.

Start by mixing the solution with clean fresh tap water or distilled water in a 1 quart (32 ounce) trigger Spray Bottle following these dilution ratios:

Light Duty…15 to 1 (2 ounces per quart)

Medium Heavy Duty…7 to 1 (4 ounces per quart)

Extra Heavy Duty…3 to 1 (8 ounces per quart)

Extreme Duty…Full Strength for stubborn stains

Use a clean colorfast sponge, cloth or appropriate brush as an applicator. Once diluted, spray the solution on the applicator and the surface, allowing it to penetrate by vigorously agitating the cleaner on the soiled surface. Rinse and repeat until the surface is clean. Wipe down with a damp clean towel and allow to air dry.

For light daily maintenance, spray and wipe down with a soft microfiber cloth.

For use in a Bucket or for Machine Extraction, add about ½ cup (4 ounces) of cleaner per gallon of water for normal cleaning, or about 1 cup (8 ounces) per gallon for heavier jobs.

For exceptional results after cleaning, replenish and protect the surface with DRIVEN Vinyl/Rubber/Leather Protector.