Driven Automotive Polish and Sealant

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DRIVEN Automotive Polish and Sealant is the most highly advanced formulation of premium grade polymer polish/sealant on the planet. DRIVEN can be applied in sun or shade and once applied, environmental contaminants refuse to stick and easily wash off for up to once full year.

Super high gloss wet look with incredible depth and clarity

Hydrophobic sheeting action reduces water spots that wipe clean

Nothing sticks. Harmful elements can’t “bite in”

Easy to apply in sun or shade

Can be applied to an entire vehicle before wiping off…will not harden or cake

Long lasting…holds up under intense heat from sun and severe winter cold for one full year

Maximum U.V. inhibitors prevent sun damage

Cleans surface contaminants and oxidation with no abrasives

Fills light swirl marks and leaves no residue

Repels water from windows in the rain without the use of wiper blades

Cleans brake dust from rims. Once applied, non-stick finish reduces brake dust build up…entire vehicle stays clean longer

Paint life is dramatically extended by feeding with essential polymers and oils

Safely cleans and protects:

Clear coat



Powder Coat

Metallic Finish


Fiberglass Gel Coat

Acrylic Enamel

Tire Rims



Polished Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum


Stainless Steel

Glass Windows




High Gloss Plastic

Seals and protects against harsh elements:

Water Spots

Tree Sap


Bird Droppings

Road Grime

Oil & Tar


Intense Sun

Intense Cold

Acid Rain


Road Salt

Wide range of applications:




Motor Homes

Fifth Wheel



All Terrain Vehicles



Personal Watercraft

Outboard Motors

Directions for use:

Wash and dry the surface before polishing. Shade application is preferable. Shake bottle well. Apply with a soft foam sponge or soft cloth. Rub in well to lift surface contaminants and light oxidation. Let dry to a haze. Buff to a high gloss with a soft dry cloth. Repeat with a second coat if desired. Polish can be applied by hand or with an electric buffer (rotary or dual action). DO NOT apply polish to exterior black plastic trim.

For machine application, use a soft foam polishing pad for applying and a microfiber cloth for removal. For heavier oxidation, water spots, and light surface scratches, use Driven Finish Restorer before sealing with Driven Automotive Polish and Sealant.

DRIVEN Automotive Polish and Sealant will last up to one full year, yet polishing more often and with multiple coats is beneficial. The surface becomes increasingly non-stick. Polish does not build up or yellow.